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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sanity Break Tip #2: DIY Relaxing Bath

Ok, so last week the kids were out of school. I know what you must be thinking.  Oh my gosh, she must have had it tough.  She must have been going crazy with three kids in the house.  ALL DAY. are right.  It was a hard, hard week.  But momma made it through.  Just like I knew I would.  Ok, I may have exagerated just a little.  The week was not as bad as you may have thought.  The kids were actually very helpful. They did a lot of work around the house, so I wanted to make sure they enjoyed their week off.  On Tuesday we went to go see Big Hero 6 at the movie theater and had a nice lunch.  On Wednesday we went for froyo, and Thursday was Thanksgiving.  Between keeping the kids entertained and gearing up for the holiday, it was a pretty busy week.

With that said, I think it is pretty clear that a sanity break is much needed. So today after I drop off little man, I am going to pour a nice glass of wine, run a nice, hot bath and soak all my stress away. Here is a nice soothing bath soak:

My homemade spa bath. The wine is just an extra treat
2 scoops coconut oil (or any carrier oil you may have on hand)
1 cup Epsom salt ( I use lavender or eucalyptus infused salt)
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup milk

Lavender is the perfect remedy to melt away stress and regain balance. Coconut oil and milk provide skin calming, nourishing and moisturizing benefits. Baking soda is great for detoxifying.

Add all the ingredients into a hot bath.  As you soak, breath in deeply for a 5 second count, then slowly breath out for 5 seconds.  To take this experience up a notch, you can add some lit scented candles, your choice of music in the background, or simply catch up on some light reading.  I will have a glass of wine. Enjoy!

*Just a reminder, be careful getting out of the tub.  It may be a bit slippery due to the oil.  Also, be sure to stay hydrated if you tend to like your bath water on the hot side (like I do).  Just keep a glass of cold water within arms reach.*

Here are some benefits that a hot bath may have on your body

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