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Remarkable. That's Me.

Many people look at me, I wonder what they see. Do they see a woman, a wife, Or a simple mother of three? A remarkable being, Is what I hope to be. I’m not built like a model, Or as tall as a tree. But I am as rare as a gem As sweet as a honey bee. I am a remarkable woman, My loved ones would agree. It’s the love that I give, The hugs they receive. The food that I cook. And the goals I help them achieve. I am classy, intelligent, Ambitious and sexy. I am charismatic, creative, Selfless, and sometimes cheeky. When people look at me, I already know what they see They see a remarkable woman, a dutiful wife, And a wonderful mother of three.

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Sanity Break

Here are a few ways for you to relax. Make some time to take care of yourself. Discover your ZEN:

  1. Deep Belly Breathing- Sit in a comfortable position, either in a chair, on the couch or on a floor cushion.  Close your eyes.  Now breath in deeply, making sure that your belly expands.  Now slowly exhale.  The time it takes you to exhale should be longer than the time it took you to inhale.  While inhaling and exhaling, focus on your breath.  Focus on the air as it enters your lungs and how it feels once you release that air.  Repeat this process for however long your meditation session lasts.  Deep breathing calms your body and mind.
  2. Chanting- I learned this during one of my Reiki courses. This is another form of meditation I do when possible.  I usually focus on a specific word(s) or phrase and repeat them over in my mind.  This serves kind of like an affirmation. My favorite words to use are: Peace, Trust, Integrity, Respect, Gratitude.  I repeat these over in my mind, or just one word and reflect on the good things in life.  It can go hand in hand with deep breathing. This usually puts me in a positive mind frame to take on the rest of my day.
Relaxing music helps.  Incense, candles, Tibetan singing bowl (ok, I know you may not have that on hand).  But seriously though, find what works for you. 
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How to create a space for #meditation and stillness in your home that works for YOU. {Plus pictures of my recently redecorated meditation space!}



Here is a nice soothing bath soak:

My homemade spa bath. The wine is just an extra treat
2 scoops coconut oil (or any carrier oil you may have on hand)
1 cup Epsom salt ( I use lavender or eucalyptus infused salt)
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup milk

Lavender is the perfect remedy to melt away stress and regain balance. Coconut oil and milk provide skin calming, nourishing and moisturizing benefits. Baking soda is great for detoxifying.

Add all the ingredients into a hot bath.  As you soak, breath in deeply for a 5 second count, then slowly breath out for 5 seconds.  To take this experience up a notch, you can add some lit scented candles, your choice of music in the background, or simply catch up on some light reading. Enjoy!

*Just a reminder, be careful getting out of the tub.  It may be a bit slippery due to the oil.  Also, be sure to stay hydrated if you tend to like your bath water on the hot side (like I do).  Just keep a glass of cold water within arms reach.*

Here are some benefits that a hot bath may have on your body

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Quick Stress Relief Tips:

1. Eat Chocolate

Yep ladies. You read correctly. Just only 1.5 ounces of the good stuff calms your nerves. Dark chocolate is even better. In fact, it is considered a SUPERFOOD. Not only does it contain disease fighting chemicals, but it also helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack. So eat up. But make sure you do so in moderation


2. Sip Green Tea

I know you have already heard that green tea is great for weight loss, but that is not where its amazing benefits end. It helps regulate glucose levels, speeds up metabolism, and reduces bad cholesterol. It contains antibacterial and antiviral agents. But really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a reason why it has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

3. Meditate

Ok. I know we have already went over this, but I can not stress enough how meditation REALLY helps. All you need is 5 minutes a day to start reaping the benefits that this wonderful practice has to offer. Trust me. You’ll thank me later.

4. Give Yourself a Massage

Ok, i’m not talking about a full on body massage here. That would be a little difficult. I’m talking about a simple hand massage or a foot massage. Think about when you get a mani and/or pedi. You know when its that time for the massage, you secretly want to scream DON’T STOP!! Come on. Admit it. I know I love a good massage. And as a Massage Therapist myself, I cannot emphasize enough how great it is for your health. Hands and feet are the area of your body that easily get over worked. So take some time out to take care of those appendages.

5. Take A Walk

Sometimes its just as simple as getting some fresh air and clearing your mind. Sometimes you need some time alone. Enjoy your surroundings. Breath in the fresh air. Feel the breeze flow through your hair. Listen to the birds chirp. Listen to all the sounds. The added benefit of this is that you will be getting some physical activity in.

Simple At Home Facial

  1. A basic facial cleanser   Try to make sure it is the right one for your skin type.
Using warm water, you want to wash your face using your fingers or wash clothe in tiny circular motions. Rinse well.  
  1. An exfoliator   This is the key to smooth skin. Local drug stores have plenty on hand that are pretty cost effective.
Again, using about a dime size on your fingers, apply to your skin using a circular motion.  I don’t think I need to tell you this, but be careful to not get in your eyes.  You also may want to focus on your neck and chest also. These areas also need some love.
  1. A hot damp towel   Gotta get those pores to open up so we can get them nice and clean.
Roll the towel up and wrap around your face, leaving a small hole in the middle for your nose. Lay down and relax for a few minutes. Don’t forget to breathe deeply.
  1. Apply facial mask   Again, you want to make sure you got the right one for your skin type. This is also something you can get at a drug store, or you can make your own with some ingredients you may have in your pantry.
Just simply apply all over face avoiding eyes.  Give the mask about 10 minutes to work its magic.
  1. Rinse off the mask using a warm wet towel. Make sure you get it all off. Pay special attention to the area around your nose and hairline.
  2. Moisturizer   One of the secrets to radiant skin is hydration.  Always make sure you apply moisturizer, especially during the cold winter months.
The last step is to apply moisturizer.  You can take this opportunity to give yourself a little facial massage during this step.  Just don’t over do it with the moisturizer.  You just spent all that time making sure your face was gunk free. Don’t reset everything by slathering on the lotion.

Some optional supplies you can have on hand are cucumber slices or used tea bags for your eyes while you lay down with the mask on.  Essential oil can also be a great idea to get the whole aromatherapy feel (just simply drop a few drops onto the hot towel that you have on your face). Relaxing music is also great to set the mood.


Here are some great ways to start the week off stress free :

1.  Avoid the snooze button
Hitting the snooze button can actually make you more groggy in the morning. So get your butt up and attack the day already. You can't stay in bed forever.  So just deal with it.  And I say that with a smile.

Go on, get 'em!
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2.  Breathe
I know, I know.  Here she goes with the breathing again. Seriously though, practice taking deep breathes throughout the day.  

3.  Unplug
Having all this technology around us makes it hard to unwind. If the thought of unplugging seems too extreme, then start with baby steps. Just put your phone on silent for 30 minutes. A little bit goes a long way.


4.  Clean is good
Try to eat as clean as possible. The less processed your foods are, the more energy you will have.

5.  Sweat it out
Try squeezing in a workout. Exercise release some feel good hormones, so this helps with stress relief. If you don't have time for a full workout, try to go for a short speed walk. Anything. Just get that heart pumping. 

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