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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sanity Break Tip#1: Meditation

I try to aim to do this at least  3 or 4 times a week (though it has been a while since my last session).  If i’m lucky, I can find 5-10 minute pockets when little man goes down for a nap or is put to bed at night. Find a time that works for you.  If you are able to do it for at least 5 minutes, then consider that a win.  It’s better than not doing anything at all.
  1. Deep Belly Breathing- Sit in a comfortable position, either in a chair, on the couch or on a floor cushion.  Close your eyes.  Now breath in deeply, making sure that your belly expands.  Now slowly exhale.  The time it takes you to exhale should be longer than the time it took you to inhale.  While inhaling and exhaling, focus on your breath.  Focus on the air as it enters your lungs and how it feels once you release that air.  Repeat this process for however long your meditation session lasts.  Deep breathing calms your body and mind.
  2. Chanting- I learned this during one of my Reiki courses. This is another form of meditation I do when possible.  I usually focus on a specific word(s) or phrase and repeat them over in my mind.  This serves kind of like an affirmation. My favorite words to use are: Peace, Trust, Integrity, Respect, Gratitude.  I repeat these over in my mind, or just one word and reflect on the good things in life.  It can go hand in hand with deep breathing. This usually puts me in a positive mind frame to take on the rest of my day.
Relaxing music helps.  Incense, candles, Tibetan singing bowl (ok, I know you may not have that on hand).  But seriously though, find what works for you. 
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Hope you give it a try.  Let me know how it works out.

How to create a space for #meditation and stillness in your home that works for YOU. {Plus pictures of my recently redecorated meditation space!}

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