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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Birthday To You!

Hey, so today is my husbands 31st birthday. Yay!  Since this year is the first time we are celebrating while me being a stay at home mom, we decided to keep it low key.  Yesterday we spent all day with the kids at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It was pretty busy, but since we got our fast passes early that morning, we already had an idea of how we wanted the day to go.  Getting the annual passes earlier this year has been well worth the money.  Since it is a new system, Disney is still working out the kinks.  But all in all, it is a great idea.  We have our magic bands and are able to get fast passes to rides days in advance if you already know which Disney park you plan to visit beforehand. (More on that on a later post)  

Magic Bands. Best idea ever!

This year our 5 year old was finally tall enough to try the Tower of Terror.  She was so excited.  So needless to say, we HAD to do it.  My husband took both girls, while I stayed with little man and they got on the Tower of Terror for the first time (this must have been the 100th time for my husband, but you would never had known.  He was so excited to have the girls with him this time around). Surprisingly, the line was only 30 minutes long.  Thank God.  It is usually over an hour.  Ain’t nobody got time for that (haha, sorry, I just had to).  The verdict...THEY LOVED IT!!! My husband got a snapshot of the girls right after the ride.  All I saw were grins from ear to ear.  They couldn't stop talking about it.

Last night the girls and my husband couldn't wait for today to give him his gifts, so he got them a little early this year.  Since he is a big kid at heart, the kids got him three PlayStation 4 games. Thank goodness Target was having a sale. Buy 2 games and get the 3rd free! So it worked out.  Each child had a gift to give him.  I am pretty sure we won’t be seeing him for the next few weeks.  

Today is “All About Daddy Day”.  He is going to be treated like a king.  He won’t have to lift a finger. The hubby and I will have a couple of hours without the kids today, so he will get a nice relaxing full-body massage.  He likes to play basketball, so I am sure his muscles will need this.  The rest of the day is up to him.  Dinner will be special too.  He loves surf and turf, so we already had the menu printed out on fancy paper and decorated (Thanks mom for your help).  

 Front view of menu

Menu on the back

Just little extra touches here and there to make him feel like a real VIP.  After all, he works hard everyday to make sure his family is taken care of.  So like I said before, we tried to keep it low key.  But it turned out to be a pretty good birthday weekend.  A little bit of fun and a lot of relaxing.  Just what he asked for.  Happy birthday baby!

Daddy and Bryce
Daddy, Alexis & Brooke

Here are some ways you can celebrate your mans birthday:


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