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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Things My 5 Year Old Says...

My 5 year old is too funny. Sometimes I just have to sit back and really process what comes out of her mouth.  This is just a fraction of what we have to deal with day in an day out.

Me: "Brooke, get Bryce away from there!"
Brooke: "I'm not his mom!"

"Did you make the bathroom stinky??"

Alexis(Big Sis): "Brooke, can you get that for me?"
Brooke: "Are your legs broken? Nooooo"

Me: "Brooke! Did you just fart on my knee?!"
Brooke: (Giggling) "I'm a little bit gassy"

Me: "Why can't you just stay still?!?"
Brooke: "I am a kid! So I can't stay still!"

Me: "Here you go mami. Put these socks on."
Brooke: "Ok, i'll put them on, but I want you to know this is NOT my style."

"Groundhogs Day doesn't make any sense.  Does the groundhog control the weather?!?"

"If you don't like it then don't do it. Just get another job already!"

"My butt is already perky"

When asked why she and her sister where fighting, Brooke responded: "Kiki is ruining my life!"

Brooke to her big sis, after her big sis didn't get her way: "So are you going to be a sour-puss now?"

Me: "What would you guys like to do this weekend"
Brooke: "Go to the Orlando Science Center"
Me: "Why do you guys always have to pick expensive stuff. Why can't you choose something cheap to do?"
Brooke: "Because mommy, cheap is NOT my style"

*Artwork provided by Lexi.



  1. All in all I can not image what you went through. I am glad the kids are doing better now. Your little girl Brooke, she is too cute.. I couldn't stop laughing, so adorable.

    1. Yes. She really has a mouth on her. Sometimes I forget she is only 5 :-)

  2. Five going on fifty. She is a wise one :)