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Monday, February 2, 2015

5 Things I want to teach my daughters

Once you become a parent, you tend to look back at your life. You think about things you've done and decisions you've made. You start to think about all the things you want to show them, and hope that you do a good job in teaching them how to be the best person they can be.

Having girls nowadays is scary. You see what images are portrayed on television and the type of women the media is glorifying. As a mom, you have to make sure you stay involved in their lives and maintain that close relationship so that they feel comfortable coming to you whenever they need you.

So, as I go through this journey with my beautiful girls there are 5 things I want to make sure they learn:

1) Love your body

It's not about being skinny. It's about being healthy. I want them to understand the importance of taking care of themselves. As women, we are nurturers. We tend to take care of everyone around us and forget about the #1 person we should be taking care of. OURSELVES. Emotional, spiritual and mental health is just as important as physical health. So always make sure you take care of YOU.

2) Always Be Thankful

Every night before going to bed, I thank God for everything. I am so thankful for my home, my family, the fact that they are safe. I am thankful for the bed I sleep in. The dinner we had. The list goes on and on. There is a lot of power in being thankful. Appreciating everything in your life, big and small, makes you realize that you may already be the richest person in the world.

3) Value Your Intelligence and Know Your Worth

Ok. This sounds like it is two different things, but they really go hand in hand. I want you to know that you don't have to follow the crowd. You have your own mind.  Take pride in your intelligence and never let anyone make you feel like you are inferior. Make sure you read. Read up on anything and everything. A woman that is beautiful can get peoples attention. But there is no stopping a beautiful and intelligent woman.

4) Become Financially Independent

Financial independence ensures that you will be able to pay your own bills, buy your own clothes, pay for your own food.  You shouldn't have to depend on a man to support you.  It is a great thing to have a partner that will want to take care of you, but always make sure you got your own. You should always be capable of earning your own living. This makes you a strong and independent woman that can can take of herself.

5) Don't be afraid to follow your dreams

There may be times that you will fail. But don't let that stop you. Use it to fuel your ambition. Following your dreams give you the power to be innovative and inspiring. By being ambitious, you have the power to change the world, make your mark. So go ahead and dream big. It just gives you greater things to aspire to. A woman can make a difference.

I am sure this list can go on, and my husband can add another 5 himself. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Life is a never ending lesson. There WILL be mistakes along the way. But it is so important that we all learn from them. I hope my girls grow up to be confident, intelligent, ambitious, compassionate and spiritual women. I hope that, as parents, my husband and I do our best to steer them in the right direction and give them the guidance that they need to keep going. They were created for a purpose, and we are truly blessed to have them in our lives.



  1. From one mother with daughters to another - so true!

  2. These are important lessons. There is so much negative input for our daughters from the media that we have to try to combat all the negative messages every way we can. I am glad there is now a campaign like the "run like girl " ads. I am glad you are starting to give your girls those positive messages while they are young and impressionable.

  3. What 5 great things to pass on to your daughters. These are things everybody should pass on to their daughters. With these 5 things they are bound to have a happy life.

  4. I have 4 daughters, and we've talked about all 5 of these. Love it! Shared :)

  5. These are great tips to raise an independent and successful daughter. All things I want my daughter to know.