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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Paging Dr. Mommy


Ok, so this week has been a tough one. 2 out of my 3 kids are sick, and the 3rd almost sliced her finger off with SAFETY SCISSORS. Yeah. I can't make this crap up.

It all started Saturday night, which probably ended up being the scariest night of our (my husband and I) lives.  Little man went into a Febrile Seizure as we were leaving a birthday party. After a scary ambulance ride to the hospital and hours of being in the emergency room, they were able to bring his 104 degree fever down to 98.8 degrees. Thank The Lord everything turned out ok. But this whole week we have spent watching him to make sure his temperature doesn't go above 102 degrees. So far he has been doing good, with the exception of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Ok, I just named almost the entire week. But really, he is doing a lot better.

My middle child has developed a really bad cough with a fever.  So you know she is gonna have to go see the doctor tomorrow. I am hoping it's not Strep Throat, since that has been going around a lot lately. She is a trooper though. It is extremely hard to get her to sit still and let her body do what it needs to do.

Now my oldest, She decided she wanted to do some arts and crafts without me knowing. Then all of a sudden I hear her scream and she is hysterical with tears. Blood everywhere. Oh. My. God. I freaked out because I had no idea where the blood was coming from or why there she was bleeding in the first place. So here comes Super Mom and I swoop in to nurse her wound. Meanwhile, my 5 year old is telling her that we are going to have to pour rubbing alcohol on it and the doctor was going to chop it off because it is no good anymore. Really?!? As if my oldest wasn't freaked out enough. So Daddy and I had to do some serious damage control. Next morning, she went to the doctor so that they could patch it up since I didn't know how serious the wound was.

So basically, I would have gone to the pediatrician 3 times this week. Once for each child. They already looked at me crooked when I went the second time this week. I can only imagine the looks I'm gonna get tomorrow. Seriously, my parenting license is going to be revoked.

So this week call me "Dr.Mommy". My office is extremely busy and I have no more room for any appointments.

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