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Monday, January 19, 2015

They Grow Up So Fast

So my little man is finally 1 year old.  I know I took a while to write about it, but being that his birthday is so close to the holidays (December 20th), I kind of got caught up.  But I made it, and here I am to tell you how wonderful this past year with him has been. I told myself that I would breastfeed him until he was 1 year old (sorry guys if this makes you a little squirmy).  So, after many, MANY, sleepless nights, he is now completely off the boob. As I write this, I realize that it's sort of bittersweet.  Since the hubby and I decided to not have anymore children, little man is THE LAST one.  That means no more breastfeeding, ever, now that we are done.  I mean, don't get me wrong.  I am pretty excited that my body finally belongs to me again. But, I have to be honest, a part of me feels really sad. I absolutely loved having that connection with him. I loved looking into his big brown eyes while he fed. I loved singing to him and seeing his beautiful smile while he suckled (um, I hope i'm not getting too weird). I'm going to really miss playing with his tiny fingers, or running my fingers through his little curls while he nuzzled close. This is all too much.  Pretty soon my little man won't be so little anymore.

Ever since his birthday, he has taken it upon himself to really start the whole walking thing.  I helped him practice in the months leading to it, but it wasn't until he actually turned 1 that he really stepped up to the plate.  Now he refuses to be held.  He refuses to accept help from anyone because he is a (little) man that knows where he is going.  And no one is going to keep him from getting there.  So you can imagine how busy my days have been chasing him around the house.  But I am so happy.  He is developing so fast.  I can't believe that it has been a year since God has blessed us with this perfect little gift. Ok, let me not get emotional. This is a joyous time in my life.  So let me tell you all about his birthday.

The hubby decided that he wanted his boy to have a race car themed birthday, complete with an Audi race driver outfit.  It was perfect. The color scheme was black and white checkered with red accents.  The cake was wonderfully made by my uncles wife. A lot of the decorations were ordered from That site is pretty much my "go-to" for all party needs.

My mother's friend was able to make these cars out of paper.  I placed them on the table around the cake. They looked so real.  For the kids I had little trophies with traffic sign lollipops, race car bouncy balls and checkered flags.

On the wall we had a race track full of pictures that we took of little man throughout the year.  So you could see how much he has changed.  The best part was that at the end of the party, the guests were able to grab their favorite photos from the wall as their parting gift.  It turned out great. I am so glad everyone was able to join us. It was fun to see him grab is first bite of cake.  He was too cute. We could all tell he enjoyed it.

It was a busy day, but it turned out fantastic.



  1. What a cutie?! Happy Birthday to your little guy! Time does fly. My son will be 2 this summer and I cannot believe it. Boys are so fearless and fun. I hope you're ready to keep up with him now that he's on the move! :-)

    1. Thanks! I had no idea how different it would be to raise a boy. He sure keeps me on my toes. We just have to make sure we stop every now and then to enjoy the ride.