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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Starting a New Venture with Jamberry

OK, so everyone knows that I have been on this journey to loving the skin I am in (read post here). One thing that I wish I would spend more time on are my nails.  Once in a blue moon I go out and treat myself to a nice manicure. Having freshly painted nails is one way to really feel pulled together, fresh and on point.  Just because I am home with little man and spend the majority of my day in sweat pants doesn't mean I can't feel sexy, right?  The only problem is I hate to spend that money.  So I really hesitate to actually go out and get my nails done.

About a month ago I stumbled upon something that caught my eye. I saw pictures of trendy nails and loads of designs that can be applied to your nail.  I really wasn't sure what the whole idea was, so I took a chance and booked an online Facebook party for my friends and family. I am so glad I did.  It was a blast.  Because I hosted the party I was able to get a ton of free product. The company is called Jamberry Nails and they are great. The nail wraps are easy to apply and last a long time. So you get that manicured look without having to spend all that money every week or so.  The best part about it is that I don't have to sit around waiting for my nails to dry while the kids are tearing the house down.  These wraps are free of any harsh chemicals, so I can even use them on my little divas.  They love getting their nails done too, so this eliminates the mess and worry that they might get nail polish chips in their mouths.

Here is my first trial. I did my girls nails with designs from their Jamberry Juniors collection. They also have a Mommy & Me collection so you can match your little diva.

my 6 year old with leopard print thumbnails

My 9 year old sporting some cool graphics. Little man decided he wanted his hand in the picture too, lol

I was so excited to receive my first batch of nail wraps, I had to apply a design the very same day they arrived.

Hostess rewards and prizes I won

Very first application.  Not bad if I do say so myself

Nail design "Lotus"

Because there are over 300 designs and colors, I can get as creative as I want and experiment with different hues that I wouldn't normally get. Or, I can keep it classic with their solid colors or french tip designs. I liked the product so much that I decided to become a Jamberry Nail Consultant.  Contact me today. Ordering is easy. There is also a great deal, buy 3 sheets get 1 free! Right now I am hosting an online Facebook Launch party, so join me for a chance to win some free product and take advantage of some great deals.

An online party is a great way to get everyone in on the fun without leaving the comfort of your own homes. Friends and family near and far can participate. So contact me if you are interested in hosting your very own Facebook party. Don't miss out on all the fun. I am positive you are going to fall in love the way I did.

What's your perso-NAIL-ity?





  1. Maritza I love this so cute and so easy! Thanks for share and going to check it out for sure. I'm not on FB but looks like something I would try fir sure:)

    1. Hi Mari, It is definitely fun. And I love my wraps. I have also seen parties done on twitter as well. I haven't done one yet, but it sounds like fun. Thank you for reading!

  2. Congrats! I'm actually wearing Jamberry right now, I love them but am so horrible about putting them on my right hand... Practice, practice, practice.. LOL.. Congrats to your new adventure.

    1. Thank you Jenn. It has completely taken over my life, lol. I just want to tell everyone. Which, for me, is tough because I am so shy. But if I want to be a successful consultant, I've got to break out of my shell. That is why I love the Facebook Parties. It allows me to be outgoing without having to actually be face to face with anyone...if that makes any sense haha.