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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Quick Night Time Facial Routine

Your body does some amazing things while you are asleep. Night time is the perfect opportunity to give your face, or any problems areas you may have, some extra love.

Glowing skin is often the feature sought out most by women. A good night time regimen, along with a healthy diet, is key to achieving just that. During the day, our skin is exposed to some nasty stuff. We deal with harsh winds, dirt, toxins, damaging sun rays, etc.  Throw in makeup to the mix, and you have a disaster waiting to happen.  All that build up needs to be clean and cleared before getting your zzz's. Making sure you go to bed with a clean face helps you battle clogged pores, breakouts and dull skin. Washing your face is a must.  Ok, I get it. Believe me, I do. Washing your face before you go to bed is probably the last thing on your mind after a long, hard, stressful day.  But that is exactly the reason why you need to make sure you do this. Because your long, hard and stressful day deserves a little pampering at the end of it. Trust me. You'll be glad you decided to take those extra five minutes to do something for you and your skin.

So, let's get started with the obvious, clean your skin. You want to get the type of cleanser that is right for your skin type. Got normal skin? Look for a cleanser that contains hydroxy acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.  Many dermatologist recommend Cetaphil because it is gentle. When my oldest was having issues with her skin, Cetaphil is what helped her the most. If you have oily skin, try to stay away from anything that contains oil, obviously, along with fragrance. Try and grab something that contains salicylic acid. Oil free Acne washes and Cetaphil also work great for you. Dry skin, look for moisturizing cleansers. You can find a variety of skin care products at your local drug store. So just take the time out and get something that is made specially for your skin type. It's your face, so don't just grab anything.

Next on the list, exfoliate! This removes all that nasty stuff that the cleanser didn't get rid of. Come on. You didn't think washing alone did the trick did you? Don' have a fancy cream exfoliator? Not a problem. Just grab a clean, soft wash cloth. Make sure you don't use it for any other part of the body. Use that with your cleanser and you , my friend, just killed two birds with one stone. Exfoliating removes oils, dirt, sweat and dead skin cells.

I love this. It is very gentle and not too abrasive 

Ok, Last step, moisturize. You just washed and scrubbed away all the essential oils and natural moisturization your skin needs. So we are going to put back all the good stuff that keeps your skin supple and young looking. Again, make sure you are getting the moisturizer that is meant for your skin type. If you have an eye cream that you like to use, now would be a good time to apply it. Currently I am in the process of reviewing the Elite Serum RX, which is said to work wonders for the under-eye area. So be on the lookout for that in the near future.

Review coming soon...

And now you are ready to go to sleep. Doesn't you skin feel refreshed? It is always nice to pamper yourself. Why not do something that you are really going to benefit from in the long run? Doing this every night (or as often as you can remember) can really change how your face looks and feel. So get ready to say hello to a more radiant, younger looking you! 


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