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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Teaching the Importance of Being Kind

Showing your children the power of kindness is something that will stay with them forever. We, as parents, strive to raise our children to be respectful, intelligent, loving and kind. I am sure we can add 100+ more things to that list, but today we are going to focus on the "kind" part.

Many people are so busy going through their day to day in their hectic lives that they forget to pay attention to their surroundings. Children see how their parents interact with one another and people they come in contact with everyday. Because our children are living sponges, it is so important that we saturate them with positivity and good morals. One thing that I try to teach my children is the importance of how you treat others and the impact your behavior can have.  Previously, I wrote about Paying it Forward and how wonderful it can be to perform random acts of kindness. Doing something nice for someone can affect not only their lives, but yours as well.  Let's show our kids that being kind to one another and having compassion is contagious. Just imagine the kind of world we can live in if everyone taught compassion.

Any act of kindness, no matter how big or how small, will have an impact.  Here is a list of some random acts of kindness you can do with your children or they can do on their own:

  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Write a "Thank You" note and put it in the mailbox for the mailman (or lady)
  • Give your grandparent a call and tell them about your day
  • Donate outgrown clothes or toys 
  • Make friends with the new kid at school
  • Bake a batch of cookies or cupcakes for the neighbor or a family member
  • Make "Get Well Soon" cards and hand them out at your local hospital
  • Bring a meal to a family in need
  • Leave a nice note in a library book
  • Volunteer at your local church or animal shelter

  • Bring an apple for your teacher
  • Put a dollar behind a childrens toy at the store
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Help your little brother or sister with their homework
  • Help your mom with the dishes
  • Do your chores without being asked
  • Write a nice letter to someone telling them how special they are
  • Leave chalk messages on the sidewalk
  • Help someone load groceries into their car
  • Donate extra school supplies to you classroom

I am sure this list can go on and on. Sit with your child and see what fun and creative things they can come up with. They may just surprise you.  Children learn what they see. Let them see the power of kindness. Let's help them make the world a better place.


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