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Friday, April 10, 2015

A Moment of Clarity Please!

Lately I feel like I have had so much on my plate. I am busier now, than when I was actually working a traditional job. Seriously. But my busyness is of a different nature. I am now busy with my own projects. And that feels really good. I am finally doing something for ME. It kind of feels like I am a completely different person. Even though I stay at home now with my 3 pain in the butts wonderful children, I feel more independent. More determined. But, in the midst of feeling this way, I found myself struggling with how to manage it all. It was all becoming pretty overwhelming.

Back in the day (lol, I say this like I am some old folgie. "back in my old whipper snapper days..." ok, ok, i'll get back to my story now) I used to meditate. I tried to make it a point to sit for at least 10 minutes a day just to get some peace of mind. Get some clarity. Relax. You know, just basically try to be in the moment as much as I could because I knew that it reaped some huge benefits to take that time out for yourself. But I realized that it has been WAY too long since I have done any of that. So I needed to make some time for myself. Sit and meditate.

I suggested my husband do the same too since he has been really busy working on projects. He has been really good about trying to juggle everything, but I could tell he needed a break. It was time. We BOTH needed to take some time out of our busy day and give some much needed attention to ourselves. We needed to do some de-stressing to our minds. And so after I got Little Man to finally go to sleep, my husband and I found a nice comfortable spot on the floor in our room. The nice Tibetan relaxation music was playing in the background, and we meditated for about 20 minutes. I am sure my husband just sat there with his eyes closed and took a mini nap. It's ok though. This time was for US. To do whatever it was that our body/mind/spirit needed. I focused on good intentions. In my mind I repeated the words: peace, trust, integrity, respect, gratitude.

These are the five principles of Reiki. So when I meditate, I try to repeat these words in my mind along with my affirmation.  I have never really shared this with anyone until now. Maybe this is something you need. Maybe there is a reason why I felt so moved this morning (3am) as to write this and share. Whatever it is, take it and be grateful that it was given to you.

Here is my affirmation:

Just for today I will not be angry. I will have peace in my life.
Just for today I will not worry. I will have trust in myself and in HIM*.
Just for today I will be honest and have integrity in all that I do.
Just for today I will be compassionate to myself and others and respect every living thing.
Just for today I will be humble and grateful for all of my blessings.

*who HIM is, is completely up to you and your beliefs

Taking that time out to recharge my mind and spirit was so helpful. It helped me focus on what needed to be done. It gave me the clarity that I needed to really figure out how to go forward with my projects. It gave me a sense of peace, which is always a great thing.

Today I feel determined. I have all these ideas rushing through my head. I am sure that is why I can't sleep (that, and the cup of coffee I was craving late in the day. Don't judge me). It's like I have opened up the flood gates. I am ready to tackle whatever it is that is presented to me.

So, this is what I do to bring me back to my "center". Sometimes you need to clear your mind to actually see what needs to be done. Some days will be hectic. Some days will be calm. The important thing is that I take that time for myself to figure things out. To make sense of everything. It's a work in progress. My life is not quite ZEN...but I'm working on it.

Oh, and feel free to use my affirmation and tweak it if you need to. Let me know how you use it in your day to day. What do you do get clarity?


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