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Friday, June 5, 2015

eBody Exfoliating Body Mitt and Giveaway

Wow. I just realized that it has been about a month since I have written anything. There have been tons of things going on. Starting my own business, little man has become super active (I'm serious. It's unbelievable) and the girls have needed so much of our attention. It has all been physically and emotionally draining. But here I am.

As a result of all the excitement, I have really been slacking with all my health and beauty regimens. Recently I was fortunate enough to receive an Exfoliating Body Mitt from the ebody Spa Collection.

This couldn't have come at a better time if you ask me. Exfoliating is one thing that I try to make sure I do on a regular basis (at least once a week) because it yields some excellent benefits. It improves skin texture, detoxifies skin, brightens your complexion, reveals healthy skin, and helps prevent breakouts. And these are only a few reasons why you should exfoliate regularly.

As we get older, our skins ability to shed dead skins cells slows down, so exfoliating really helps your skin look younger. Enter the Exfoliating Body Mitt by ecloth. When I opened the package and felt the cloth, it is actually very soft. It comes with a convenient little thumb hole to provide extra grip. So it was time to put it to the test and get to the scrubbing.

As I scrubbed my arms, stomach, and legs, the Body Mitt exfoliated very gently. It's microfibers were not rough on the skin and left my body feeling smooth and squeaky clean. I'd say the Exfoliating Body Mitt did exactly what it set out to do. I know some people use a terry cloth wash rag, but I find it too rough. The Exfoliating Body Mitt had just the right amount of abrasiveness to get the job done without being too harsh for my body.

The best part about using the ecloth product is that it is reusable and free of any harmful chemicals. So for those of you that have sensitive skin or any other skin issues, this product is perfect. The gentle fibers scrub away dead skin cells and reveal fresh looking skin all without the harshness of a tough fiber or nasty chemicals that can be found on most handheld plastic exfoliators. All you have to do is add water and a drop of your favorite soap and you can experience smooth, youthful looking skin in no time. The entire ebody Spa Collection is pretty amazing. I know I have mentioned how important exfoliating is for your face. Well, get this. They also have a Face Cleansing Mitt. So all you need for your nighttime facials are your favorite face wash and the Facial Cleansing Mitt to gently scrub away the dirt and grime of the day.

As if being able to try out this awesome Body Mitt for free wasn't enough, the great folks over at e-Cloth want to provide one lucky reader the chance to win an Exfoliating Body Mitt themselves. I know you are going to love it as much as I do. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below. You can also earn a few more entries just by taking taking an extra couple of steps below. Join their mailing list to get updates on other great products they offer by visiting their website at Don't forget to like them on Facebook at and follow e-Cloth on Twitter. Check out the links below.

Instagram: @eclothUSA

This giveaway will be open for a week and I will announce the winner next Friday. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost. The opinions expressed here are all my own.



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